Empowering futures, redefining possibilities

At Vie, we are dedicated to simplifying, and creating positive change in the lives of our clients and the industry as a whole.

Our approach is centred around a client-first mentality and a commitment to transparency, integrity, and quality advice. Here's what sets us apart!

Machinery and equipment finance

We take the time to assess each customer’s circumstances through getting to know them, and place emphasis on providing long term solutions that work towards reaching an end goal. We operate with total remuneration transparency, delivering our services nationally through our network of locally owned and operated franchises.

Unlike a lot of brokers, we do not distribute or sell “products”, we provide holistic, personalised credit advice, that results in superior outcomes for our clients. If you have been sent to us by a real estate agent, financial planner, accountant, solicitor, car, motorcycle, boat or caravan dealer, or one of our existing customers, it’s because they know we provide great service and deliver positive results.

Driven by purpose, defined by values

These guiding principles drive our every action and decision.

Opportunity and simplification

We believe that everyone should have access to guidance and knowledgeable finance and insurance advice.

Our purpose is to simplify the complex, eliminate stress, and provide a superior service that enables opportunities, growth, and success for our clients.

Redefining industry perception

We refuse to accept the status quo.

Our purpose is to challenge the existing norms and revolutionise the finance and insurance industries.

With integrity, transparency, and client-centricity, we aim to break traditional practices and set a new standard of excellence. By reshaping perceptions, we inspire trust, build meaningful relationships, and drive positive change.