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Stories from Vie Finance & Insurance Clients

ON Point Electrical

Joe, owner of ON Point Electrical, sought to expand his personal investment portfolio and needed guidance and financial assistant to take his goals to the next level.

From a business standpoint, he wanted to ensure he had the necessary comprehensive insurance coverage to protect his employees, equipment, and enterprise in case of any unforeseen events.

Vie stepped in to provide a comprehensive range of finance and insurance solutions, tailored to Joe’s personal and business-related goals.

Sam & Alex

Sam and Alex recently started a new business and have a young family. They were unsure about life insurance and income protection insurance before connecting with Vie. Understanding and feeling secure about their future coverage seemed complex. Thanks to Vie's guidance, they now feel informed and assured about personal insurance and, they can rest easy, knowing they're adequately covered if the need arises.

Katja Dedekind

Australian Paralympic swimmer and gold medalist, Katja Dedekind, was looking for assistance to buy her first property. Not knowing where to start or how to reach this milestone, Vie stepped in to offer advice and guidance. Katja was able to breathe easy and focus on her world swimming championships knowing Vie would take care of everything.

Zanetto Civil

Zanetto Civil is a well-respected Civil Contracting business offering a large fleet of high-performance machinery. Vie has had the pleasure of providing competitive asset finance and insurance solutions for their various pieces of equipment and commercial vehicles.

Irrigation Group

Brad and Aaron, owners of Irrigation Group, were in search of comprehensive solutions that spanned their vehicular requirements and broader business needs. Stepping in as a trusted partner, Vie provided vital support to the team. This included facilitating commercial vehicle finance and establishing lines of credit, all geared towards propelling their expansion plans across South East Queensland.

Brodie & Nicholas

Brodie and Nicholas, along with their young family, were in the midst of a house renovation project, financed by a previous construction loan. Recognising the need to optimise their financial situation, they sought out Vie's expertise. Vie's task was to not only streamline their existing loan but also to secure refinancing options that would keep their interest rates and payments competitive, especially given the ongoing rise in rates.

Jarad Murray

Property developer, Jarad, had previously faced the daunting task of dealing with banks, which he found frustrating and time-consuming given the complexity of his portfolio. He was also unable to leverage existing equity and was underutilising his portfolio's potential.

Jarad started working with Vie and the team took the time to understand the intricacies of his portfolio and were able to provide tailored solutions to help him achieve his goals. Jarad was able to efficiently utilise his existing equity, and he finally saw his portfolio's full potential.

Alistair Stevenson - Stevenson Roofing

Originally, Alistair intended on going through his bank to obtain finance. This process, however, was difficult as they didn’t understand his business or his goals. Since working with Alistair, Vie has had the privilege of assisting him and his business with property, commercial & vehicle finance.

Todd and Pauline Roberts

While Todd and Pauline have owned investment properties since they were first married, the process of obtaining finance has never been easy. Since they started working with Vie, this is a process they no longer “dread”!

Kyle Zanetto - Zanetto Builders

Vie has had the privilege of supporting Kyle with vehicle, equipment and construction finance for the continuation and expansion of Zanetto Builders operations.

Jarrod French

Jarrod originally engaged Vie to assist him and his wife with their home & investment property finance some time ago. Vie are extremely proud to now be supporting him in his new business venture Imaging Plus.

Kristy & Tyson Thomas

Kristy & Tyson were referred to Vie by one of their good friends when they were purchasing their first property. Vie are now assisting them with the construction of their forever home.