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At Vie, we're dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and support you need to unlock the door to your first home.

Meet Raymond, Principal at Vie Brisbane North

As your Property Finance Advisor, Raymond is your essential ally in navigating the complexities of purchasing your first home.

At Vie, we're committed to securing the best home loan for you at the optimal rate. Our meticulous approach ensures a stress-free transaction by making sure the loan application process is monitored right through to settlement and beyond.

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Self managed super fund capablities at Vie

Know your borrowing power

Understanding your borrowing power is crucial in securing your first home. Raymond and our team meticulously assess your financial situation to determine how much you can borrow from lenders. This knowledge helps you set a realistic budget and gain a competitive edge in the market. Use our Borrowing Power Calculator below to get an estimate of your borrowing capacity and take the next step towards homeownership.

Parental guarantee home loan

Discover the power of a Parental Guarantee Home Loan. This innovative solution allows a family member to leverage their own home's equity, providing additional security for a portion of your loan amount. With Raymond's expertise, we'll guide you through this option, helping you lower your loan-to-value ratio, avoid costly lender's mortgage insurance, and potentially borrow the total purchase price plus costs – all subject to lending criteria.

Statistically, almost 50% of first home buyers get financial help from their parents or a family member to assist with the purchase of their first home, normally as an informal loan or gift!
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A big thank you to Ray. His knowledge of the process, attention to detail and organisation made this process stress free for me. I would not hesitate to recommend Ray and Vie Finance to anyone. Thank you.
Being a first home buyer, Raymond took the time to explain and educate throughout the entire finance process and was always available to answer questions or give advice. He took the hassle out of dealing with the banks and was able to get the best value loan for my personal circumstances.