The Vie Way

At Vie Finance & Insurance, we strive to guide you seamlessly through the steps required to complete your new purchase, no matter what you are buying, we are here to help.

We will assist you determine how much you can afford to comfortably borrow and find a suitable loan via initial consultation, detailed analysis and professional recommendations. We prepare and lodge your application and liaise with the lender throughout the approval process until after the settlement of your purchase.

The following is a typical process flow detailing how we work to assist you:

Step 1
Providing us with your personal details

We make the process as simple and smooth as possible for you. We take the time to speak with you personally, ensuring that we have a thorough understanding of your circumstances, needs and objectives. 

We then will communicate with you to ensure you provide the documentation required in a seamless and effortless manner. There’s no ‘please fill out this form and return to us’ approach here at Vie!

Step 2
Assessing your personal circumstances

Once we have collected your personal details and received the documentation requested, we are able to work through and make an initial assessment of your proposed needs and objectives, whilst also taking into consideration various intricacies and requirements that your circumstances require. Everyone has their own unique requirements and objectives that we must consider when providing credit assistance, and we do this from the start to ensure we’re working towards your desired goal.

Step 3
Determining the most suitable solution and product options for you

Your Vie Credit Advisor provides expert advice through utilising our industry-leading software and their own experience to assesses hundreds of options to ensure they find one that best suits your situation. When structuring your loan, it is important to look at what is best for you now as well as in the future. We look at your short, medium and long term goals to ensure the advice we provide is appropriate and works towards achieving these goals.

Step 4
Review of recommended options and application submission

We take the time to explain to you every detail of our recommendations, discussing benefits and comparisons to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the available options, to then enable you to make an informed and educated decision regarding the best option for you.

Once you’ve made your decision to proceed, we complete on your behalf all the required compliance and application documents before submitting your loan application to your chosen lender. We keep you up to date with the progress and approval of your application every step of the way, ensuring that throughout the process you’re always informed of your application’s progress.

Step 5
Approval and loan documentation

At the time that your approval is issued, you will be the first to know! We will contact you to provide the good news, and will then also communicate the same with your conveyancer or legal representative (if applicable) and any selling agent (for a property purchase) or dealer (for motor vehicle or other goods being purchased). Shortly after the approval is issued, we will receive your loan documents and be in contact again to arrange the most suitable time and means for reviewing and executing these together. Where possible, we prefer to do this in person, however in instances where this is not practical, we have a number of remote options to ensure that you’re thoroughly understanding of the agreement you are entering into. In some instances, we may recommend (or a lender may require) you to obtain independent legal advice regarding the nature of the documents, just as an added measure of understanding.

Step 6
Settlement day

Once your loan documents are executed and returned to your respective institution, we will continue to follow up to ensure that your file is ready to settle within the desired timeframe. We will seek confirmation of Insurance (via a Certificate of Currency) for any goods being secured by your loan facility (real estate property, motor vehicle or other physical asset) from you and provide these details to your lender, along with any other detail they may require (such as a dealer invoice or an updated refinance statement). 

Once settlement occurs, we will be in touch to confirm this as having been completed and to provide you with your new account particulars including ensuring that you have your direct debits and other features set up correctly. We also insist on us being your first point of contact with any future queries regarding your loan and provide ongoing support in the future as your trusted advisor when you need us.

Tamieka helped us refinance our home loan with a much better interest rate, making the process of switching banks super easy! All of the paperwork was expertly handled, and we really appreciated Tamieka’s advice and professionalism right through to the settlement of our new loan. We highly recommend Tamieka and the team at Vie Launceston!

Bec Emmett

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