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Vie Finance & Insurance

Bank, Broker or Advisor? All are popular avenues to securing finance, however there are some distinct differences between the three.  There are many benefits of utilising the services of a skilled and experienced advisor.

Firstly, it's our job is to act in our client’s best interests, by assessing their individual position and sourcing a range of finance options from a number of different lenders that suit their circumstances.

The details of each available option are then carefully explained so that they are able to make an informed and educated decision as to which product is most suitable for them.

No particular set of circumstances are the same and there is no ‘one size fits all’ option when it comes to financial products and services.

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All lenders have different policies and we can quickly identify which are required for our client’s individual circumstances, ultimately enabling us to match the client’s unique position to their most suitable options. Too many times clients who have been knocked back by their bank resolve to the conclusion that

“I won’t be able to get a loan from anyone if my bank won’t give me one”

which is most certainly not the case. Remember, a bank will only have one set of policies and requirements which must be met by clients considering their product offerings. We have access to many lenders all with different policies which enables us to save you time, heartache and money by narrowing down the most suitable options upfront.

Our mortgage brokers specialise in competitive rates and repayments.


If you’re speaking with your bank, ask your lending manager how long they’ve been helping people with finance products. All Vie Finance & Insurance offices are independently owned and operated businesses and our Credit Advisors are committed to our clients for the long term. With many years of industry experience coupled with our extensive Vie training, the service our clients receive is second to none. Banks tend to move their staff around and reward good performers with promotions, resulting in their best people transitioning away from their customers.

At Vie Finance & Insurance our customers are our number one focus – for life!